Creative Ideas for Students

If you’re feeling inspired to take the extra step and tell your friends about this cause, here are some creative ideas to reach out.

Organize a multicultural dating game

Organize a classic dating game, but with a twist. While the bachelor/bachelorette sits behind a screen, have three candidates from which he/she can pick on the other side of the screen. Each candidate should represent a different country, complete with a costume if he/she desires. Every candidate, bachelor/bachelorette, and audience member should be given a fact sheet on the dating and marriage customs of the nations represented by the candidates.

Then, the bachelor/bachelorette asks questions whose answers should give clues to the origin of the candidate, as well as the dating/marriage customs of the country he/she represents (“What is your ideal first date?,” “How many kids do you want to have,” etc). The object of the dating game is to learn about different marriage and dating customs around the world and how they impact the rights of women worldwide. It’s also really fun!

Organize a school dance

Organize a school dance to raise funds and awareness for Astarte. Encourage the girls to invite the boys to promote female empowerment and departure from traditional gender roles. Dances are also great fundraisers, since they require little more than music and a place where they can be held. In the hallway or other space outside the dance, put up informative posters on reproductive healthcare in conflict areas to promote awareness.

Collaborate with your school administration in the planning. If you are not granted permission to organize a dance, negotiate with the administration to allot a percentage of the profits from a pre-existing dance or other school-sponsored activity to Astarte. This way, the Astarte project can become a school-wide initiative.

Raise awareness and fundraise at school events

  • Make flyers or informative pamphlets to distribute at major school events.
  • If permitted by your school, organize a bake sale or another fundraiser to take place on campus.

Talk to teachers about integrating stories of those displaced by conflict into the humanities curriculum.

Talk to the school librarian about getting books on gender-based violence, refugees in conflict areas

Organize an awareness day.

  • Have your club/organization wear a designated color to raise awareness.
  • Organize a Day of Silence: have any willing members of your school community pledge to be silent for a day. This is a great way to raise awareness, since the silence of the club members represents how “taboo” reproductive health is in many nations, including those affected by crisis. If asked why they are not speaking, they can carry an informative flyer that explains the significance of their silence: to represent the repression of this problem and its taboo in crisis-affected societies. The flyer can also list facts and figures about reproductive health. Always check with the school administration before organizing an awareness day.

Organize a rally.

  • Organize a rally at your campus to raise awareness for the cause. This is a great way to attract a lot of attention and to motivate your school community to take action. It is also an effective way of getting the word out for future events your club may organize.

Do you have other ideas? Contact us!

Examples of Student Action

Stanford Student Takes Action

When Shelly Ameiva began as an intern with Astarte, she was a senior at Stanford, majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Global Inequality, Global Health, and Human Rights. She came to Astarte with a wealth of knowledge but learned a lot more about reproductive health in crises. She realized the power of engaging local NGOs. Energized by the work of these local leaders, she took to heart what we at Astarte believe to be true: students often have the most compelling voices.

Upon arriving back on campus, Shelly wanted to share what she learned about the cause with the broader Stanford community, so she wrote an article about Astarte in the Stanford Service in Global Health Journal. Read her article.

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